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I do love freedom BUT I crave love, hugs and kisses. Nurturing by nature and therefore my narcissistic Libra is what i need and want. That's just my opinion, one word of advice, dont argue over petty things breath, relax, agree to disagree. Im a libra woman dating an aquarius man.

We have been friends for over 20 years and for the most part our relationship is a good one. We have both been in and out of relationships throughout the years but we kept coming back to one another. This video helped me to understand some of his traits and qualities. You hit the nail on the head like a motha!!..


And you know what the reaction was because i told her about her. I am dating a Libra, and I am an Aquarius. My partner and I have "Air Explosions". I don't know what to do, or how to control all the arguments and short temperament that goes on. I feel that this Libra is perfect for me, and I would hate to end this over little arguments. We have been together for a little over a year now.

We hit it off quick. It was so weird, it felt like we had known each other for a long time, as soon as we met. I know each relationship is different, but is there a way to control these explosions? Anyone with similar experiences, how have you handled this? Thank you for your time. Me and my boyfriend split.. Most not all people say libras' are usually loyal people.. Most I come across admit they've cheated.. But there are more got people in the world than you think..

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So I'll still trust libras' but not my ex.. We were bestfriends then and all descirbed here matches our personality so well! Every bit of a line from anger to love is so satisfying and true. Thank you,Aquarius,hung up on a libra who i broke off with 17 years ago.

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Ran joined army,because i needed to be better,for her. She moved away,i serched a year for her. She found me 3 years later,i was married. Became fb palls never spoke to her out of respect. Not one day,not one has she not been on my mind.

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Get Aquarius health horoscope from stenritoferen.ml We have Aquarius daily health horoscopes, health Astrology and personalized charts. The Aquarius-born people must be very careful of any kind of addiction. They should be. Your most accurate free daily horoscope is just a few clicks away. Nov 23 – Dec Capricorn. Dec 22 – Jan Aquarius. Jan 21 – Feb 18 Most people, whether they admit it or not, are addicted to reading their daily horoscope first thing.

I treated my now x wife "a dominating scorpio"as if she was Amanda for 12 yrs. Crazy idea but,thats me. I messaged her and told her how I was asked to describe my perfect match. It is her,and always has been. Im driving miles for coffee next week. Because she has been thinking of me all this time also. She wrote of dating all togeather years ago. And a post she made about that hurt me. To think the person i love,isnt or hasnt been treated as the goddess she is. I've known her for 9years, on and off, I'm a libra man. Never once we were in a relationship, but every single time we were in a relationship but with someone else, we seem to miss each other, but every single time I make a move she moves 2 steps behind.

Sometimes she plans, sometimes she feels miserable when I'm not around, sometimes I make future plans but she denies this with can I trust you kinda question.

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I love her so much, what can I do.? Should I stay or should I go.? Im an aquarius and my boyfriend is a libra.. This article explained us so well! And Im pretty sure i'll be able to understand him more!!

This helped me a lot, I also realized when you were describing the Aquarius is exactly how my personality is!! I'm on my way of looking for a libra girl.

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All libras I know or met are married or have bfs. Very unlucky in that. Don't know whether still single libras exist. Want to marry her when I find her. Aqua guy. I'm the Aquarian and he is the libra we in a long distance relationship we would talk for hours and all of a sudden he stop calling where did i go wrong.

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Thanks for posting! I really enjoyed reading because I could totally relate. I also relate it to my Libra best friend.

Awesome insight! Omg good insight and great comments. I disagree with a few comments but everyone has a opinion. I been talking to my Aquarius male for four months in the beginning I was like umm okay whatever we got to know each other and it's like hummm I'm in love with him I haven't told him yet because I don't want him to go left.

But I give him his space and don't pressure him at all. When he call I'm there. I just catch him stare at me all the time. I ask is everything okay he says yes. At this point we not in a relationship that's cool but we do have sexual chemistry that great. We talk about whatever so yeah at this point I'm just enjoying the moment.

I want more maybe in time which I feel strongly about just due to our goofy conversation and me making jokes about years from now.