Lunar eclipse february 13 astrology

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It means this eclipse phase is ideal for getting engaged and married. You are more likely to attract serious types or those also interested in long-term commitment. Teacher-student type relationships are possible, or you may attract someone much older or younger.

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New moon February conjunct Mercury makes this is a great time for dating, especially internet dating because of Uranus. Asteroid Juno conjunct solar eclipse is a good omen for meeting your soul mate and finding true love. This aspect also increases the risk of infection and disease. Juno with the eclipse means you should protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Jupiter sextile Pluto brings success through positive change. You will not have to force change or react to unexpected change. This is a natural development in your life associated with increased power and influence, spiritual and personal growth, wealth creation and professional advancement.

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A strong urge to reform something in your life will coincide with an opportunity to do just that. There are endless possibilities to make positive changes in your life following this partial eclipse of the Sun. Solar eclipse February will fill your head with ideas on how to improve your life through education and positive change.

Some of your thoughts will turn to companionship and love. Solar eclipse February will help you feel free to show the world who you really are, with all your unique and unusual personality traits. You should feel free to live how you want, with who you want. This eclipse will make it easy for you to make a break with your past and outdated traditions. The February 15 solar eclipse is a companion to the January 31 lunar eclipse. Themes of lunar eclipse January include single mothers and working mothers, and the rights and freedoms of women in general.

Solar eclipse February also has a focus on women but more so about their role in marriage and other relationships.

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It will urge you to talk about your relationship issues and shared responsibilities. It will help you make the changes needed to find the right balance between your own needs and those of you partner. If you are lonely, solar eclipse February should bring opportunities to meet and talk with new and interesting people. You can find true love and commitment, or you may instead, seek the spiritual love of oneness with the universe. New Moon February brings more freedom to make your own choices.

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The map below shows how solar eclipse February will be visible in Antarctica and southern South America. If New Moon February directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Sun Transits.

My Solar Return occurs two hours before this Solar Eclipse. Could these interpretations of the Solar Eclipse be part of this Return? August 19th , Denver, Co. Thank you for what you have written Jamie, it does in some. Many females in particular reacting overly subjectively, which is to our own deminse, it seems. This should be interesting because it conjuncts my midheaven! Yes, interesting, indeed! Thanks Jaime, like Krissy, the solar eclipse is 3 degrees from my Midheaven.

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Am looking forward to it! Thankyou Jamie! Any thought about how this eclipse is opposite the FullSolar Eclipse of 8. Does it normally happen.. Jamie, the 21 Aug eclipse was near on Trumps Rising Degree, suggesting he would gain energy.

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Facts speak for themselves, it appears the Market is buckling…. Hi Jamie, You have the most accurate interpretation of this entire eclipse phase. I am a single working woman and during the jan. And it has worked wonders as I feel happier and content with all things of my life and more nearer to the inner source of joy. Also, i have decided to adopt a child for my emotional evolution and that way this entire eclipse phase has been a boon for me.

Thank you jamie for pin pointing to the exact ramifications for women in general. Dear Jamie, This Solar eclipse has only 2 degree to my rahu in Aquarius in my 12 house.

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Thanks a lot man for your work, very help full and amazing interpretation. Too sincronic with my life and i believe of many others.

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Really, very good!!! True, made my day here too. I must say I am amazed how strongly these eclipses are playing out in the news. Here in Australia the deputy prime minister got his staff member pregnant, left his wife and 4 kids and lied about it. There seems to be a major news story breaking on this topic at least once a day.

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Do you know the difference between solar and lunar eclipses? position of the moon can affect our lives depending on our zodiac sign. February 1, An eclipse series began on July 13, and will continue through that will . Many astrologers believe that the effects of a Lunar eclipse last approximately six . Annular SOLAR Eclipse December 26 at at 4° Capricorn 07 .. 11 Leo 37; Partial SOLAR Eclipse February 15 27 Aquarius

Jamie, do you consider Ebertin midpoints in any of your analysis? The aspect is a Quintile. The line of the Midpoint straddles last years Solar eclipse, and this Thursdays eclipse.

February 2017 lunar eclipse

Where I practically took the whole month off last August, and never got back into my Home Reno job after that.. Do i meet the women of long term? Remarkable Solar eclipse.

click Life changing indeed. Thank you Jamie, your Section on Aspects is very handy. Menu Skip to content. Search for:. New Moon February Astrology Chart. Solar Eclipse February Path. Like a fine wine, the wisdom of your experience is working itself into your […]. Full Moons reveal a fullness of understanding.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2020

Whether […]. The floaty otherworldly feeling of the Pisces Solar Eclipse begins the week. Even though the Moon will move into Aries late Monday, the Sun is moving up to pass Neptune on Wednesday and there is much […]. The unknown has been making itself known in this period of great change. The Moon […]. Are you ready for the forces in play?

There are miracles in the madness. With the Sun, now in […]. You are at the midpoint between […]. Love needs extra care right now. Love is everything, yet love is complicated by impatience and fear of the unknown.