Sun in leo astrology

The Sun in the Zodiac Signs

So, let's talk about Leo — and no, not just because Leo loves the attention.

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Leo is a fire sign, ruled by the sun itself. Like the sun, Leo loves to be at the center of it all and is a master of self-expression.

Leo: About This Zodiac Sign

They thrive in the spotlight, and are super passionate about making their personal mark on the world and making sure they're really seen. Also like the sun, Leo energy is warm, generous, optimistic, and all around sunshine-y, so it's a feel-good, summertime astrological season that encourages us to be the best n' brightest n' baddest!

Essentially, Leo season is hot girl summer vibes to the max. Bustle chatted with astrologer Lisa Stardust about what's to come for all zodiac signs in Leo season Summertime sadness who?! Here's how Leo season will affect you, based on your zodiac sign , so you know exactly what to look forward to and look out for! If you're an artist of any sort, Aries, then fellow fire sign Leo's season is the time to start putting yourself out there.

And if not? Well, start channeling your self-expression into a creative project now , because your brilliant ideas are a-brewin' and the world deserves to see your shine. Sometimes when we're craving attention, we assume it needs to be sent to us from others — but in your case, Taurus, maybe your higher self just need a little extra attention from you. Leo season has a tendency to get us hot! And with your ruling planet Mercury currently retrograding through Leo territory on top of it, you'll want to keep a lil' tighter reign on your urge to throw verbal daggers, Gem baby, "You may have a dramatic exchange of words now — be careful not to argue," warns Stardust.

At the business meetings Leos are magnanimous and generous. They are easily subordinated in small things. With their subordinates Leos are generous, they are usually easy to move in their career.

The Personality of a Leo, Explained

They never bow before the authorities, keeping themselves on an equal footing, and even making clear that they are above. They are ambitious, although it is not connected with the work done, but with the position.

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Leo in the 7th is loyal and committed to any contractual agreement they enter and expect the same. Do not just read, but apply these principles on your own horoscope In the begining, just pay attention to just reading and analyzing a birth chart, rather can drafting one. Their passional nature is keen and ardent, all the feelings coming direct from the heart. Leo is natural empathy, and has a psychic ability to heal via the emotions. I thought you would enjoy trying this out for yourself.

They like to be on public, they like to shine and do it better than others. No one can take "Place in the Sun" away from Leo, no one can keep Leo in the cage, because at the first opportunity Leos will attack those, who put them in prison. Leos should not be given really big powers, as they will use them fully. They love to make decisions and do not feel sorry for what they've done. Their weakness is the terms of punctuality, Leos consider it a disgrace - to run like clock, like some technical tool.

They have many enemies. They like to force others to wait for them. Leos fall in love quickly, quickly move from words to deeds, caring passionately. Leos do not like people, who do not surrender immediately, because it will make Leo's pride suffer. Even in a great passion Leos preserve their self-esteem.

Sun in Sign

They are very sensitive in love, food, drinks, beauty, and luster. Leo's partner has to be beautiful in appearance. In marriage Leo will require the unquestioning obedience, but Leo does not differ with loyalty: family is family, and hunting is hunting.

But it will be a huge deal if another "predator" will penetrate into the Leo's family! Leos usually do not spoil their children much. Leos risks are: revaluation of themselves, a sense of offended dignity, seeing the enemy in time, vanity, flatterering, living at the expense, hedonism, ambitiousness, intolerance, arrogance, pride.

Also Leos are too trusting. Though they have a strong constitution and are resistant to diseases, Leos are prone to heart issues. Often these diseases and blood disorders are the result of excesses and have a very negative impact on the pharynx and the excretory system. A love for mechanics, organization, hygiene, health, diet, working out, work or the work place. Often find lovers at work or school. Have gone to school with Lovers, or Neighbors have been lovers. Venus in Leo ; Sweet Hearts!

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These folks love candy, sweet smells, the summer, romance and theater. As well they love Money or to make or posses it. They love their possessions and items and love t go shopping. Their values are very balance and honorable generally, and they fall deep and unconditionally in love. These people often marry their childhood sweet heart, or their true love. They honor their promises and commitments and love their friends.

Sun in Taurus

Often Venus in Leo folks have a love for government, sports and or games, and are some of the best showman of the sports arena. They also make great Lawyers, especially for business law or divorce law. Gain via young people, social standing, judicious investment, inheritance, and or by occupation connected with pleasure, or food. These people benefit from their bosses as well. They love to eat and thus spend plenty on food and dining and vacationing or relaxing.

Childcare, Children, Entertainment industries are lucrative for this configuration. Those with this aspect as well spend a lot of money on their hobbies and games or fun and vacation and relaxation. Injury to the Spine, Upper Back and or Heart. These people where their heart on their sleeves, they are very hot headed but loving.

A love for men, or quick to fall in love or headfirst into romance. Flamboyant, dramatic facial expressions. Violence towards or over lovers or children. A leader of children or a leader by courage, nobility, honor, or love. War Gods. Driven and or motivated by Love or Children, or Creativity.

Toy Maker. Competes for Love and Attention. Attracted to younger people. Gifted Machinist or Mechanic. Those with this configuration can be head strong, and reckless. Those with Mars in Leo often have conflict with or because of their love affairs and or children.

These individuals must be care for they can end up competing with their kids or lovers over their kids. These individuals believe in fighting for love; however the embers of love can die out quickly with Mars in Leo, so they often change lovers every spring LOL. Jupiter in Leo The Great Lover,. Jupiter in Leo people Travel for Love. They can be great comedians as well as teachers of children or young minds.

They are Big Kids, with a tremendous love for fun, relaxing, sports, games, speculation, and higher spirituality and justice. Often people with this configuration fall in love with a foreigner or a foreign place or feel they are connected to another culture, religion or philosophy they grew up in. They have a tendency to Love too much, or over indulge in fun.