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A high sex drive may be apparent in an Aries sign which may lead to a desire to make many romantic conquests. An Aries partner can be a passionate mate that will defend to the death.

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An Aries person must be careful not to suffocate the feelings of others as the ram tends to go full steam ahead, trampling on the feelings of others. Consideration is something an Aries can practice. This trait of absolute determination and resilience can also come off as stubborn as a bull or not flexible. A person born under the sign of Taurus is usually very loving and affectionate, although usually chooses to display this side to a select few.

A person born under Taurus will generally avoid conflict and their tempers are usually slow to moderate. A Taurus sign is the closest to the Earth out of all the signs, which explains their earthly, grounded nature. A side effect of the grounded Taurus's nature is to put too much value on earthly possessions which can lead them hoarding possessions, being obsessive, and jealousy.

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A Taurus will gravitate to all things attractive and loves to be around pleasure and comfort. The Taurus personality usually has an appreciation for art, music, and may be an artist or musician by profession. To stay truly happy the Taurus cannot move too far from nature.

The 12 Zodiac signs

They need to feel stable and dislike being rushed with their projects. If you try to push the bull into something they don't like, be prepared for a battle. While Gemini's are usually flexible and happy people, they can also be restless, flighty, and indecisive.

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A Gemini is usually very loving and sentimental but can tend to withdraw when their emotions are overloaded. Though imaginative and talkative, Gemini's are prone to sullen moods and temper tantrums if they don't get what they want. Gemini's are able to adapt to new environments pretty well, but not without expressing their dislike if things change too quickly.

A Gemini is also a bit of a worrier and tends to get nervous easily. Their lack of long-term concentration can cause them to lose interest in things more quickly than others, and they may come across as being inconsistent or flaky. Gemini's are highly intelligent and are often excellent diplomats. They are usually skilled in speaking, writing, language, and are able to learn new skills quickly. The trick is to keep a Gemini engaged as their attention spans don't last long. Gemini's are said to have temperaments like children: enthusiastic at everything new, while eager to move on to the next thing.

A Gemini personality can make great scientist due to their logical, rational minds.

They can also be adept at sculpture and music. Those who are born under the sign of cancer tend to be much like the water - changeable and moody. Cancer signs are emotional by nature and can be sullen or hyper, depending on the circumstances. A person who is a Cancer sign can be extremely loyal in relationships, although they often run the risk of being influenced too easily by those with shady agendas due to their generosity. A person under the Cancer sign is full of emotions and not afraid to show them. A Cancer partner who loves you will be fiercely protective, though, on the negative side of that, they can be overly clingy.

People born under the sign of Cancer tend to be good homemakers, chefs, politicians, or public servants. They are excellent at looking after others. On the darker side, Cancer's are capable of sulking too much, feeling offended, and acting in a sneaky, cunning manner.

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You may find a Cancer up on stage, as they love the emotional gratification of acting, or they may also be quite interested in the supernatural element as they have highly active imaginations. The Cancer sign needs to be careful not to get too carried away. Bush, Meryl Streep. The lion. King of the jungle and of the most outgoing of all the signs. A Leo is generally extroverted, adventurous, and generous. Their warmth and spontaneous nature can draw others to them, as they are natural leaders.

A person born under Leo's sign is usually creative and inspired, able to rally people under their spell quite easily. On the other hand, a Leo can be extremely arrogant, dark, and insulting if caught under negative circumstances. A Leo also has a very strong sense of pride and sometimes that can get in the way of relationships if the Leo cannot swallow it. Whatever a Leo is doing they're usually going to want to be on top and in charge. Whether they are business executives, movie stars, or conducting an orchestra, a Leo wants all the attention.

In relationships, a Leo is attracted to the most beautiful of mates and has a taste for pleasure, often leading a Leo to experiment in love affairs. But once a Leo finds a true love, they have the ability to be loyal, faithful, and exciting partners. As the only zodiac sign to be represented by a female, the sign of Virgo carries with its attributes of reliability, modesty, cleanliness, and control. A Virgo likes things to be exact and observes the details of everything. They are intellectual, curious, and logical people who like to investigate the world. Since Virgo's are so observant, they are often efficient at figuring out how to help others.

A Virgo is generally great with their hands and particularly inventive.

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Though they are enthusiastic learners, Virgo's tend to be shy so they don't always bask in the limelight as well as others. They often prefer to work in the background. Virgo's make excellent nurses, teachers, doctors, musicians, accountants, and can even display a talent in the fashion industry.

LIBRA zodiac sign personality traits & psychology according to astrology

A Virgo is talented at solving other people's problems but may lack that same insight in their own life. Virgo's are usually good with money as well.

A Beginner's Guide to Astrological Signs: Does Your Sign Really Sync With Your Personality?

A Virgo must take care not to be overly critical or severe in their words to others. The Virgo's quest for perfection can often lead them into hot water in relationships with others. Libra falls into a time when, traditionally, the harvests are collected and the rewards of hard work are enjoyed. Generally seen as mellow and peaceful, a Libra personality is good at seeing the emotions of others clearly and using their positive energy to make people happy.

A Libra can be very indecisive at times, even flaky, but once a decision is made, a Libra will not change it. Due to the generally moderate nature of a Libra, they excel working in professions that surround justice, the law, and administration.

They also make fantastic composers, writers, and designers,. On the dark side, Libra's can demonstrate a frivolousness with money gambling and occasionally fly into a blind rage for seemingly no reason due to jealousy. The romantic Libra can be a bit of a heart-breaker, potentially going haywire with their romantic exploits. Both Aries and Libra have a dramatic flair for romance probably more so than any of the signs and can make a dynamic couple in many ways, to say the least.

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Scorpio has the most temperamental reputation. Though not a fire sign, Scorpio's are known to be passionate and outspoken. A Scorpio is usually very charming and engaged, capable of making many friends, although they also have a tendency to discard relationships hastily if they feel betrayed.